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"Last Day: Sunday of Realization - I"

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Episode Summary: With the Trials of Polaris behind them, Alcor appears before Hibiki and co. and states that he intends on killing Yamato of his own free will and in doing so, entrusting the fate of the world to Hibiki, a battle which Yamato accepts. As their battle begins, Hibiki explains to Daichi and Io what would happen to the world if Yamato has his way after meeting with Polaris. While attacking Yamato with tentacles, Alcor realizes that Yamato had been steadily drawing him closer to the Tokyo Tower to enhance his use of the Ryumyaku. Afterwards, they take a short pause and exchange threats. Alcor expresses his support of Hibiki's future since he was treated as an actual person when with him, although Yamato retorts that Alcor should revert to being a mindless tool, and if so, he would be allowed to see his vision of the future. Just then, they both receive each other's death clips. Hibiki also receives their death clips and decides to keep his promise to Yamato by stopping him. Makato then makes her intentions of aiding Yamato until the end known, while lamenting on the pain she had brought to Hibiki and his friends under his orders. Makoto explains that before Yamato took her in, she had lost hope for the future, but he gave her a sense of purpose and brought a semblance of meaning into her life, and hence, is willing to aid him. As Hibiki tries to talk her out of it, along with Daichi and Io, receive her death clip, before she finally requests that they take care of Yamato before flying towards the battlefield on Power. As their battle continues, Alcor overwhelms Yamato, even easily destroying Cerberus. Although, since the Nicaea app is able to summon stronger demons based on a user's growth, Yamato tries to download stronger demons but not fast enough as it happens and is impaled in the leg by Alcor's tentacle attack. However, before Alcor can follow through and finish Yamato, he is distracted by Power before Makoto jumps in front of Yamato, acting as a human shield and is fatally impaled by Alcor's attack. Her death gives Yamato enough time to finish his download and summon the demons Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen. Alcor immediately acknowledges their strength before he is overwhelmed to the brink of defeat. Afterwards, laying in his crater at the foot of the Tokyo Tower, Alcor tries to understand why Yamato chose his path when he could have helped the world to which he realizes that in his own way, Yamato had been fighting against the corrupt nature of the world. Even after this realization, Alcor, still willing to protect Hibiki, binds them both in his tentacles. At the end, a flashback shows Alcor blaming himself for causing Yamato to end up on his ill path. In the present, Hibiki arrives and watches in horror as Alcor rises into the air with Yamato and self destructs, killing them both. As Hibiki mourns their deaths, Yamato suddenly appears from the sky to a shocked Hibiki, having survived the attack by using the Ryumyaku at the last moment. At that moment, the last vestiges of the present world begin to crumble and be engulfed by the Void. As the Transport Terminal to Polaris appears, Yamato releases his demons on Hibiki before stepping into it and teleporting. Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen begin to attack Hibiki but are stopped by Io and Daichi who urge Hibiki to go on while they hold off the demons. With their last fateful reunion behind him, Hibiki tearfully leaves his friends and makes his way to the Terminal. As the Void finally reaches and begins engulfing them, Daichi and Io's memories begin to fade. While pondering the bright future Hibiki will create they are both killed. As the world is finally annihilated by the Void, Hibiki activates the Terminal and teleports to a new plane of existence where he meets Yamato. Realizing that Polaris will only meet with one of them, they both summon Byakko and Cerberus and begin their final climatic battle for the right to recreate the world.

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    that unexpected thought a few of them would survive. cant wait for next ep

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    For some reason i feel like hibiki wins makes the world then he walks down a street and starts to pass by everyone and he sees them smiling but no one remembers or knows hibiki.
    Thats how i see the ending happening

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    ahh… The eending credits…… too much.


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    damn cant wait for the next episode funny thing is i have the ds game but never played it yet going to have to broke it out and start it after the anime ends

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