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"Last Day: Sunday of Realization - II"

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Episode Summary: Not having anymore hesitation to fight, Hibiki reminds Yamato of their promise of defeating him and having an audience with Polaris. As their battle begins, Yamato notes that Hibiki is driven by his anger towards him and his warped reasoning behind sacrificing the lives of everyone. Although, Hibiki defends by stating that as a human, he cannot allow such injustice to prevail, causing Yamato to question his own humanity. As Hibiki defends an attack using Shakko's power, Yamato acknowledges him as an equal and reveals that their current situation had all been part of a grand scheme put into motion by Polaris since the moment of their births. However since Polaris itself is flawed by its own nature, it had left it up to humanity to decide amongst themselves who should survive until the end, whilst citing the anomaly of Alcor's nature as proof of this. This truth shocks Hibiki, but Yamato simply brushes it off as semantics in his goal to reshape the world into a meritocracy. As their debate continues, Hibiki desperately tries to defend the previous world that he and his friends fought so hard to protect, although Yamato remains adamant in his reasoning that those with power have a responsibility to erase the cancerous nature of humanity's current train of thought which had led to world built on corrupt foundations while simultaneously exposing Hibiki's naivety. As Hibiki tries to explain how people can work together, he tries to get Yamato to realize that they had been friends all along because of their actions, but Yamato rejects the very notion of friendship, claiming that it is weak. As Yamato starts to show injuries from his previous battle with Alcor, Cerberus weakens a bit and Byakko utilizes the opportunity to eradicate them both with a lightning attack. Hibiki once again tries to assert his friendship with Yamato, claiming that they don't have a reason to fight although Yamato chooses not to accept this, since disregarding his goals after coming this far would only hurt his dignity. Hence, much to Hibiki's despair, he chooses to continue the battle and fuses Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen into Satan. Hibiki tries to defend against Satan's first attack with Shakko, put it proves too weak and Shakko is destroyed. Bidding him farewell, Yamato once again attacks Hibiki with a final devastating attack. In the attack's wake, both Yamato and Hibiki are shocked to discover Black Frost protecting Hibiki. Hibiki's phone then receives all the demons of his deceased friends and begins his counterattack to a stunned Yamato. Hibiki then uses all of his newly acquired demons in a six-step fusion to summon the demon Lucifer and clashes with Satan. As the force of Lucifer's attack injures Yamato's cheek, they then put all of their remaining strength into one final decisive attack. In the aftermath, Hibiki embraces Yamato and tearfully explains the error in his ways, before Yamato admits defeat and dies. As Hibiki looks into the sky, Polaris' silhouette appears and Hibiki asks for his wish... Hibiki waits for Daichi after their practice exams and they head to a local cafe where they discuss their respective futures. Daichi introduces Hibiki to a newly popular website called "Nicaea" which supposedly shows the death clips of friends. Afterwards, as they wait at the subway station, Daichi embarrassingly notices Io Nitta and wishes he could be friends with her. Taking an initiative Hibiki calls out to her much to Daichi's shock. As the three meet and have a friendly conversation, Hibiki starts involuntarily crying, which worries both Io and Daichi, but Hibiki claims that he is just happy for some reason. As the train arrives, Hibiki has a sudden realization and rushes out of the station and back into the street. As he runs towards an unknown destination, he vividly recalls the events of the past week. Meanwhile, Keita, Hinako, Otome, Airi, Jungo, Joe, Ronaldo, Fumi, and Makoto live their lives out normally. Eventually Hibiki arrives at the National Diet Building and begs the guards to let him see Yamato, although they refuse based on his vague reasoning. Eventually, a limo exits the building and Hibiki notices Yamato, who does not acknowledge him on the account that he possesses no friends. As Yamato's limo drives off, Hibiki breaks down into tears at his relief that Yamato is still alive. Makoto shows concern for Yamato but he states that he is fine while brushing a scar on his left cheek. Elsewhere, atop the Tokyo Tower, Alcor thinks about Hibiki's definition on what Life really means for humanity, and is optimistic about their future before vanishing. Finally, Hibiki looks towards the sky while asserting humanity's will to keep on living.

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  1. wolfeboy

    Jun 27th, 2013

    well that was a good fight should of lasted longer but ow well i guess this season is done now by the looks of it cool anime tho just did not like the fact that they spend 6 ep just speaking and not doing jack s** other then that awsome

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  3. icecoldsniper

    Jun 28th, 2013

    Finally it ends. Pretty ok ending i would say.

  4. champ

    Jun 28th, 2013

    thank you

  5. TheFoolyOne

    Jun 28th, 2013

    loved this anime a lot ending was so good time to play the game now

  6. sao


    Jun 28th, 2013

    uwahh… the ending…. pretty good :’(

  7. Geponeto


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    Jun 28th, 2013

    well overall its an ok anime i’ll give it that ^^

  9. shinjinryu

    Jan 20th, 2014

    nice one

  10. Haruka

    May 26th, 2014

    I’m ganna cry!!!!

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