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"2nd Day: Monday of Upheaval - II"

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Episode Summary: Under Yamato's order, Hibiki, Daichi and Io arrive at Osaka to help locate chief JP's scientist, Dr. Fumi Kanno, who had recently vanished. Upon their arrival they are greeted by other JP's summoners, Hinako Kujou and Keita Wakui, the latter of whom is less than welcoming and returns to his mission of hunting down rogue demons. Unable to find any leads, Hibiki and co. head to the JP's Osaka headquarters, where its data center comes under the attack of an external hacker who reroutes its identity to multiple locations across Japan. At the same time, Hinako receives Keita's death clip which appears to be located nearby at the abandoned Festivalgate theme park, which Hibiki deduces is the source of the hack since it is the only location which shows up upon an isolated scan of the Osaka area. As Yamato instructs Hibiki and co. to head to the theme park, Hibiki asks an operator to inform Keita not to head there in order to prevent his death. Although, unbeknownst to them Keita is already at the theme park and is ambushed by the demons Gozuki and Mezuki. Keita summons his demon Berserker and puts up a valiant effort, but is soon overwhelmed as the demons keep re-spawning. He is soon thrown off balance but is saved by Hinako's demon Lilim, which seems to avert his death, followed by Hibiki, Daichi and Io. Yamato orders Makato to use a defense program created by Dr. Kanno called "Almadel" which manages to slow the hacker's demons down. After Hibiki quickly issues tasks to everyone, Hinako discovers that the hacker is in fact a brainwashed Dr. Fumi Kanno, who is being manipulated by the demon Botis. Hibiki and Keita use Byakko and Berserker respectively to launch a feint attack and takes out Botis just as Daichi damages the router to stop the hack. However, Botis reappears behind Dr. Kanno and launches a lightning attack on the group. In a split second reaction, Keita manages to push Hibiki out of the way but the blast ends up killing him, fulfilling his death clip, much to Hibiki's shock. As the theme park begins crumbling, Botis has Dr. Kanno remotely access the "Almadel" program within the JP's mainframe which finishes destroying the JP's firewall, as well as their spiritual barriers and leaves them completely vulnerable to attack. Finally, the Septentrione: Merak appears in Osaka.

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