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"3rd Day: Tuesday of Turbulence - I"

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Episode Summary: Makato briefs an infiltration team of JP's agents on their way via train to retake the JP's Nagoya Branch from Ronaldo's control. At the same time, Daichi and Io stow away on the train and ponder why Hibiki left them behind. Just then, they are shocked to receive Hibiki's death clip and resolve to save him themselves. In the meantime, the JP's tries to reassess the situation after losing contact with Hibiki and now their infiltration team as Dr. Kanno repairs the damage to the JP's Osaka servers. Meanwhile in Nagoya, Jungo Torii and Airi Ban plan to infiltrate the JP's Nagoya Branch and retake it from the insurgents, although Airi also speculates that the JP's and the Resistance (Insurgents) had prior knowledge of the calamity. Elsewhere, Daichi and Io arrive in Nagoya to discover a Resistance camp handing out rations to civilians. Just then the camp is attacked by a swarm of rogue Legion demons. Daichi and Io summon their demons to intercept, however the swarm proves to be too large. Hibiki then appears in the background with the demon Suzaku and incinerates the swarm. As Hibiki leaves, Daichi demands from a nearby insurgent about his whereabouts to meet the insurgent leader, Ronaldo. Later at the Nagoya Branch, while an insurgent member and JP's medic, Otome Yanagiya argue over the state of affairs, Ronaldo appears with Hibiki and tells them that once all the Septentriones have been defeated, Yamato intends to create and become the leader of a new Meritocratic governing power in the aftermath. He further states that Yamato manipulated both the JP's and the Japanese Government for that ambition and when he, a former detective and JP's agent found out i.e. the "Hotsuin Family Secret": Yamato's plans and their predictions of the Septentriones, an attempt was made on his life. Still in a doubt, Ronaldo reminds Hibiki of how many lives were lost at Yamato's order during Merak's assault and that a world in Yamato's control would result in death for those without power. Ronaldo concludes that all people should be equal. Meanwhile, Airi and Jungo sneak into the Sakura-dōri Subway Line. Feeling a bit down due by the sudden truth, Yuzuru 'Joe' Akie tries to cheer up Hibiki. Following this Ronaldo takes Hibiki to the JP's Nagoya Command center and briefs him along with Joe and Otome of his plan to intercept the Septentrione predicted to appear in Nagoya and that by defeating it, the Resistance will assert their power. Elsewhere, Yamato ponders on the situation and a flashback shows how he was groomed by his family along with scientists for demon summoning. However, for his first summon, Yamato manifests Cerberus and destroys the lab. In the aftermath he is approached by Alcor who hails him as the "Shining One." Back in the present Alcor once again approaches Yamato and they put a plan into motion. Just then Yamato receives a death clip of his "friend" Hibiki, to his shock.

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