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"3rd Day: Tuesday of Turbulence - II"
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Episode Summary: Airi and Jungo sneak into the JP's Nagoya Branch through the air ducts, while elsewhere, Daichi and Io rush to Hibiki's location in order to prevent his death. Ronado, Hibiki, Joe and Otome scout the Nagoya TV Tower in anticipation of the third Septentrione, although Otome is hesitant to fight, due to the JP's lack of information about the Septentriones. Later, back at the Nagoya Branch, Otome and Hibiki have a brief discussion comparing Yamato's methods versus Ronaldo's methods. At this time, Daichi and Io arrive and tell Hibiki about his death clip while Makoto covers for them at the JP's Headquarters. Daichi and Io try to get Hibiki to return to the JP's but he states that he can't because of the imminent Septentrione attack. Eventually all three decide to stay and protect each other. Meanwhile, Airi and Jungo inadvertently fall through the air ducts and ensue in a battle with the Resistance members. Ronaldo enters the fray and tries to reason with them, although Airi ignores and attacks Ronaldo, even after Hibiki pleads for them to stop. At this time the manifestation readings suddenly increase and the Septentrione: Phecda manifests itself directly in the Command Center to everyone's shock. Ronaldo immediately issues emergency orders and has Airi and Jungo help attack Phecda along with Joe. As the group launches an assault, their demon attacks are not strong enough to damage Phecda, who counterattacks with an electrical attack, wiping out their demons along with the Branch's main power for Nagoya's spiritual barrier. Hibiki, Daichi, Io and Otome arrive and attack with Suzaku, Kikuri-Hime and Sarasvati. Although their attacks seem initially successful, Phecda splits itself into two rings and focuses its attack into a laser which destroys both Suzaku and Kikuri-Hime while cutting through half of the Branch. As Daichi warns that the laser is the same one predicted to kill Hibiki, he summons Byakko just as Phecda targets him, but Sarasvati intercepts the beam which destroys them both. As Hibiki is out of demons, to everyone's horror Phecda targets him once more. Just as the beam charges, Cerberus appears and stops the attack, followed by Yamato, who amplifies Cerberus' power and is able to destroy Phecda. In the wake, the JP's reveals that they used the chaos Phecda created to restore the Nagoya servers and retake control of the base. Yamato then orders Hibiki to return to the JP's but Hibiki can't agree with his methods which result in death. Ronaldo then exposes Yamato's plan for the world in the aftermath of the calamity, shocking everyone, and prompting the Resistance members to surround him. Unfazed, Yamato makes no attempt to deny Ronaldo's words, instead reaffirming everyone's belief that it is fact by stating that his method is the most effective manner to save the world especially since the Septentriones do not discriminate to kill. Hibiki then summons Byakko and states that he will stop Yamato if he intends to intentionally hurt people. At this time, Alcor appears and tells Hibiki that Yamato came to save him after receiving his death clip.

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