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"4th Day: Wednesday of Transformation - II"

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Episode Summary: The three entities of the Septentrione: Megrez finally manifest and begin approaching the barriers at Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. In the calm before the imminent battle, a flashback shows Ronaldo entrusting all of the uncovered data on the JP's and the Hotsuin family to Hibiki; who vows to stop Yamato's ideals. As the battle commences at all three locations, Megrez's regenerative abilities prove to be a major challenge, being able to revive and heal its wounds indefinitely. During their battle with Megrez O, Hibiki and Io receive the death clip of Ronaldo, Joe and Otome. Hibiki tries warning them to escape their own battle but they stubbornly insist on holding their posts. As Megrez N continues to plough through the city, Ronaldo has the Resistance sacrifice the Nagoya branch by destroying its foundations to immobilize Megrez N within the newly formed hole. As the Nagoya team start attacking Megrez N, Airi summons Lorelei and exposes the core with a powerful ice attack. At the same time, Hinako and Berserker, along with Yamato and Baal also expose the cores of Megrez O and T respectively, and upon Makoto's order, each group launch a simultaneous attack on the cores and finally defeat Megrez. As Megrez N begins disintegrating, it launches the last of its missiles towards a shocked Ronaldo and co., killing them instantly, with only Airi and Jungo barely surviving the blasts. As Hibiki and co. mourn their deaths Jungo notices a strange phenomenon at the horizon. In the aftermath, under the Miyashita Park, Yamato and Fumi check on a covert spiritual weapon called "Brionac". Meanwhile, as Hibiki tries to cope with the deaths of Ronaldo, Otome and Joe whilst understand everything that's happened, he is approached by Alcor. Alcor reveals to Hibiki that humanity's ordeal is a direct result of the actions of the being, Polaris, who is attempting to restore the natural order of existence from the artificial one created by humans. As Hibiki struggles to accept this ridiculous reasoning for destruction, Alcor reveals that he is the 8th Septentrione, one of Polaris' mechanisms for order restoration. Alcor further laments his anguish of being an anomaly among the Septentriones since his own existence created by Polaris, contradicts his own desire for humanity's survival, and hence he gave them the power of demon summoning to display their survival will to Polaris. As Hibiki finally notices the phenomenon at the horizon, Alcor explains that it is "the Void" i.e. the absolute erasure of existence itself, adding that once all seven days of trials are over, Polaris will appear for humanity's Arbitration. Finally, Hibiki laments on the hopelessness of the situation while Yamato tells the JP's that he doesn't believe the world can be saved.

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  1. wolfeboy

    May 23rd, 2013

    now its starting to get interesting cant wait for next ep

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    OMG cnt wait for the next episode…… i soo love this anime

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    May 24th, 2013

    love how they take the people who died out of the picture in the ending song shows how much allys they lost so far. Can’t wait for the next episode

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