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Episode Summary: While Cordelia and Richter catch up, Reiji appears, and Cordelia begins to tease him in a seductive way. He then rejects her, and Raito, Kanato, Subaru, and Shu all appear due to the commotion. As they discuss the situation, she gives a knife to Richter so he can "dispose" of all the boys for her. Richter does not follow suit, as it is revealed that he had been using Cordelia to further his plan of becoming head, much to her chagrin. Going after her heart, Ayato appears and tells the two to end the bickering, and that Yui belongs to him. As he and Richter duel in attempt to win Yui, Ayato is stabbed. Just then, Yui regains control of her body, and calls for Ayato. She then stabs herself in the heart in order to save everyone. Richter attempts to take Yui's heart, but is stabbed by Ayato. At that moment, Cordelia takes over Yui's body once more.

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