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Episode Summary: Returning from when Yui stabbed herself, Subaru takes out the silver knife. Richter then struggles to the attic where he has hidden Cordelia's dress, however Raito finds him there and prevents him from using the dress to keep him alive. Meanwhile, Shu, Subaru, Kanato and Ayato are watching over Yui and the awakening takes place. Reiji makes a potion to kill Cordelia while in Yui's body, but in order to make the potion complete, he must have a piece of Coredlia. Kanato pulls apart his Teddy to reveal a vile containing Cordelia's ashes. This makes the potion complete. Switching back to the attic, Raito sets fire to the dress and Richter, which then the fire kills Richter. Ayato then drinks the potion only to feed it to Yui through a kiss and calling her actual name "Yui". Yui then awakens, and notices all the brothers are with her. She then sits up and with a thoughtful look she says "I'm so thirsty", indicating that she turned into a vampire, and that she is thirsting for blood. After the credits end, we see all the brothers talking to Yui, one-by-one. Resuming the episode, we see Yui on the balcony holding a rose, Ayato then walks up to her a returns her cross necklace. We then see the rose falling and the petals falling off, and chains locking Cordelia in the attic.

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