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Episode Summary: Yui eventually learns that the brothers are different from each other, since they all have different mothers, he and Reiji have the same mother, Ayato, Kanato and Raito are triplets from another mother, and Subaru has a different mother. After Yui Shu grabs the hand of the tub (Shu was with the clothes in the tub like Yui ) and play the hand that you have a memory of a human child Edgar who died in a fire. Yui in the tub and says he wants to suck your blood ( possibly make her hate him so it is not too attached to it) . Yui is shocked to think he was different, but he tells her he's a vampire . Later that night Ayato also tries to suck the blood of Yui, but it is annoying to find bite marks on the neck, Shu challenge mode to play darts for the prize is Yui. Shu wins the match and is about to leave the unclaimed prize, but Raito Yui pushes toward him. The episode ends with Shu Yui says in a serious tone that " death grip."

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    minna r goin crazy

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    OMFG this anime pisses me off. The girl is already destined to be another one of those annoying reverse harem mains and the all the guys are a**holes and just plain creepy. The third episode is already the decider, totally dropping this series.

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    Is this supposed to be a romance anime ??

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