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"The Birth of Greymon" ("Explosive Evolution! Greymon"
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Episode Summary: A school of fish catch the falling Chosen Children and their Digimon,and swim them to safety as Kuwagamon falls into the river as well. The group are taken to shore and attempt to determine their location and how to return home. Taichi's partner Agumon reveals that the children are the first human beings to arrive in the Digital World. Taichi leads the group toward the ocean, and they find non-functional telephone booths on the beach. As the group rest to determine their next plan of action, they are attacked by a Shellmon. None of the Digimon except for Agumon has the strength to fight because they have not eaten. Taichi is captured by Shellmon, and at which point Agumon suddenly evolves into Greymon and throws Shellmon into the ocean.

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