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"A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon" ("Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild")"
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Episode Summary: Bokomon takes the group to a fortune telling village to meet Shamanmon. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new hench-digimon, Golemon and traps Koji so he can't evolve to KendoGarurumon. Working together, Agunimon, Beetlemon and Kumamon defeat Golemon, but Tommy loses his spirit to Gigasmon. Shamanmon is possessed by the Beast Spirit of Fire and attacks Golemon, Grumblemon, Agunimon, Beetlemon and the rest. As BurningGreymon, Shamanmon destroys Golemon and drives off Gigasmon. Realizing that BurningGreymon is actually a possessed Shamanmon, Agunimon bravely takes him on alone but is no match for the Beast Warrior. Before he can destroy Agunimon, Shamanmon manages to get enough control to hold himself in place for a moment, allowing Agunimon to defeat him. Agunimon scans BurningGreymon freeing Shamanmon and getting the spirit but with the side effect that he slide evolves into BurningGreymon himself. Takuya also has no control over the Beast Spirit and attacks Beetlemon so the freed Koji evolves to KendoGarurumon to battle him.

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