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"Bizarre Bazaar" ("Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!")"
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Episode Summary: The group make it to the Autumn Leaf Fair on their raft and look for the D-Tectors. Tommy finds a Datamon with them and can get them when he trades him something after he earns Datamon's sympathy and wins a game for him. Tommy locates the Toucanmon and takes the camera they traded for the D-Tectors, but after he saves their lives, they take the camera back and run off. Arbormon tries to use the camera to trade for the D-Tectors, but after he sees what Tommy did thanks to the camera recording it, Datamon refuses and decides to give them to Tommy instead as he deserves them. Arbormon digivolves to Petaldramon and attacks, but Takuya and Koji hold him off while Datamon gives Tommy back his D-Tector and reveals he programmed his Beast Spirit of Ice into it which was the prize of the game he had earlier won. With his D-Tector returned to him along with his new Beast Spirit, Tommy digivolves to Korikakumon to do battle. Korikakumon battles Petaldramon and is able to hold his own, but Tommy lacks full control of his Beast Spirit and is trapped by Petaldramon's Thorn Jab. Datamon gives Takuya and Koji back their D-Tectors and they digivolve to Agunimon and Lobomon who free Korikakumon. After being freed, Korikakumon sends Petaldramon skidding far away with his Frozen Arrowheads. A message from Ophanimon comes to them now that they've got all of the Beast Spirits offering them one last chance to go home. When they refuse, she tells them to go to the Rose Morning Star and they start their journey on a Trailmon using tickets Zoe won in an eating contest.

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