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"You Want Fries with That?" ("Save the Burgermon! Tomoki's Pure Heart!")"
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Episode Summary: Petaldramon raids the Burgermon village with Chamelmon and captures the best cook in the village. The Group try to save him by making the perfect burger and Tommy makes a good start so the Chamelmon kidnap him, Zoe and J.P. while inside Takuya and Koji remain oblivious as they compete to find who makes the best burger, forcing Bokomon and Neemon to test their awful creations. At Petaldramon's mansion, PapaBurgermon is forced to work as his children have been captured and Tommy, J.P. and Zoe help him. They run out of time and digivolve to Kumamon, Beetlemon and Kazemon to fight the Chamelmon. With the help of the Burgermon kids, they trap the Chamelmon and Kumamon defeats them with his Crystal Freeze attack. Kumamon performs his first Fractal Code Digitize, de-digivolving the Chamelmon to Armadillomon and forcing them to run. This buys PapaBurgermon enough time to finish the perfect burger, but Petaldramon arrives before he can finish and the kids Beast Spirit evolve to fight him. PapaBurgermon finishes the burgers and feeds Petaldramon who cuts the fight short to eat and sleep afterwards. The kids and the Burgermon escape and outside, MetalKabuterimon destroys Petaldramon's manison. Tommy, JP and Zoe return the Burgermon home where PapaBurgermon names his new creation the Little Tommy after Tommy. At Petaldramon's ruined manision, Petaldramon wakes up hungry, but decides to go back to sleep instead of attacking again.

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