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"Home Again, Takuya Returns" ("My home! Takuya's Lonely Return")"
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Episode Summary: Feeling sad, Takuya returns home but finds himself in the past on the day he first came to the Digital World. Due to his broken spirit, he returns as a Digimon, Flamemon and is haunted by an image of Duskmon. Realizing he has a chance to change his destiny and believing the others will be better without him, Takuya follows his past self to try to convince him not to get on the Trailmon. While following himself, he spots a boy who looks like and is following Koji, but doesn't investigate. Given the chance to stop himself, Takuya realizes his friends and the Digital World needs him and screams at himself to go. He regains his spirit and destroys the image of Duskmon that has been haunting him. Dark Trailmon returns and offers Takuya a ride back to the Digital World but warns that it will be a one-way trip. Takuya accepts this and returns to the Digital World, evolving back into Agunimon on the way.

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