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"Alone but Never Alone" ("Confrontation, Volcamon! Junpei's Battle with his Past"")"
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Episode Summary: Working their way to the Rose Morning Star, J.P. tries to take the lead to the amusement of the group. All but Bokomon and Neemon are suddenly sucked up into a giant structure made of ten orbs, the Beast Warrior of Steel, Sakkakumon. Inside Sakkakumon J.P is pushed into a portal into the Sphere of Earth where he is confronted by Volcamon who prays on his fears about his friends not really being his friends. J.P. evolves to Beetlemon and destroys Volcamon, but is confronted by an evil version of his own shadow which takes on physical form and continues to pray on his fears by creating evil clones of the group who yell bad things at Beetlemon. He becomes MetalKabuterimon when he can't defeat his shadow, but his shadow follows and has the upper hand until MetalKabuterimon realizes that his friends really are his friends when they come to support him and he blasts his shadow at point-blank range, destroying it. Just as the group is finally reunited, they are shoved into various portals and separated.

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