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"The Dark Heart of Friendship" ("Tomoki's Lonely Battle - Asuramon's Trap")"
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Episode Summary: In the Fire Sphere, Tommy is confronted by an evil Digimon but is saved by a mysterious cloaked stranger, Asuramon who claims to be his friend. However, Asuramon's ideals of friendship clash with what Tommy has learned from being friends with the others and he remembers what his brother, who was trying to keep him from becoming a spoiled brat tried to teach him and he realizes that Asuramon is wrong. Asuramon reveals himself as the Digimon that attacked Tommy before and that all he really wanted was his Spirits. Tommy evolves to Kumamon, but is no match for Asuramon. Kumamon manages to knock Asuramon into the lava, but when he emerges again, Kumamon evolves into Korikakumon and destroys Asuramon. Tommy finally understands what true friendship is and thanks his brother as he leaves Sakkakumon and is reunited with Bokomon and Neemon. In the Wind Sphere, Koji encounters Karatenmon. Karatenmon is able to read his heart and makes fun of him for denying himself friends saying it makes him weak. Koji believes its just prudent because everyone eventually leaves you and Karatenmon has a revelation about Koji's mother causing him to feel this way. Koji evolves to Lobomon, but is no match for Karatenmon who can read his heart and can predict his every move. However, when Lobomon evolves to KendoGarurumon, he is too fast for Karatenmon and destroys him.

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