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"Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure" ("Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat")"
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Episode Summary: Zoe is stuck in the Water Sphere, where she has a flashback about being teased and finding a new friend. Inside the Sphere with her are three Honeybeemon and Ranamon who they worship. Believing Zoe to be evil, the Honeybeemon set various traps for her, but fall into them all and Zoe has to rescue them each time. She earns their friendship in doing so, but a jealous Ranamon has the Honeybeemon give her a poisoned apple to make her hallucinate and remember how she was picked on and her new friend turned against her rather than stand up for her. However, this just increases Zoe's desire to be a better friend in the future and when Ranamon insults her, Zoe snaps out of it and evolves to Kazemon to fight. Kazemon is no match for Ranamon so she evolves into Zephyrmon with Ranamon following suit into Calmaramon. Unlike their previous fights, Ranamon has full control of her Beast Spirit and beats up Zephyrmon. However, the Honeybeemon switch sides due to Zoe's goodness and with their encouragement, Zephyrmon beats Calmaramon and finally destroys Ranamon. With Ranamon destroyed, Zoe and the Honeybeemon escape Sakkakumon. In the Wood Sphere, a hungry J.P. is attacked by a Cherrymon. J.P. quickly evolves into Beetlemon and easily destroys Cherrymon, freeing him from Sakkakumon where he later reunites with Zoe as well as Tommy, Bokomon and Neemon. In the Thunder Sphere, Takuya is confronted by Parrotmon. Takuya quickly evolves to Agunimon and effortlessly destroys Parrotmon.

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