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"Stuck in Sakkakumon with You" ("Double Spirit Miracle! Beowulfmon is Born")"
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Episode Summary: Realizing that Takuya and Koji are still stuck inside Sakkakumon, J.P., Zoe and Tommy spirit evolve and try to break back in, but are unsuccessful. However, Duskmon, wanting to find out why he reacted to Koji's pain as he did, manages to break into the Darkness Sphere to confront Koji. Realizing he's in trouble, the group tries to contact Takuya and Koji through their D-Tectors and manage to get through to Takuya. They explain that he is stuck inside Sakkakumon, the Beast Warrior of Steel and that the only way out is to defeat the opponents he comes across, but that Koji is in trouble. Takuya faces off against IceLeomon in the Ice Sphere and manages to destroy him as Agunimon after a fight, but chooses to look for Koji rather than escape. In the Darkness Sphere, Duskmon confronts Koji and shifts through his memories of his life, learning that Koji's mother is dead and that he is distant from his step-mother. On the day he entered the Digital World, he was buying flowers for his step-mother to try to make it up to her when Ophanimon contacted him. Koji realizes just how mean he is to her and swears that when he returns to the human world he will make it up to her. Koji evolves to Lobomon and then KendoGarurumon but is unable to defeat Duskmon and is defeated. Before Duskmon can kill him, Serpahimon's Digi-Egg reacts and gives him the power to Fusion Evolve into Beowolfmon who is a match for Duskmon. During the fight, both of their true forms are briefly revealed and its shown that Duskmon is actually the boy who looks like Koji that Takuya had briefly seen on his return to the human world. Their fight causes an explosion that blows them out of Sakkakumon just before Agunimon reaches them.

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