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"Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon" ("Escape! The Phantasmagoric Sefirotmon")"
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Episode Summary: When they think Mercurymon is defeated, he returns in his Beast Spirit form, Sakkakumon. They attack him but he just shoots their attacks back at them. Aldamon, Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon are forced to run with Bokomon, Neemon and the newly born Patamon. Sakkakumon uses their fears against them and everyone but Aldamon fights each other out of fear until Aldamon breaks it up. Using their Digimon senses and combining their attacks, they are able to hurt Sakkakumon a bit as he never saw combined attacks before. Realizing that Sakkakumon's central sphere, the Sphere of Darkness, never moves and never attacks them, Aldamon has Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon attack Sakkakumon together, stopping the movement of the spheres. Aldamon attacks the central sphere with his Atomic Inferno attack while the spheres are stopped and Sakkakumon is destroyed. Aldamon gets his Beast Spirit and with Sakkakumon (and consequently Mercurymon) finally destroyed, Duskmon is the only evil Legendary Warrior left.

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