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"Workin' on the Train Gang" ("Sleep in Darkness - The Trailmon's Graveyard")"
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Episode Summary: After the gang finally get back together again Koji decides to run off after Duskmon to find out their connection and Takuya chases after him. Instead of waiting for Takuya to return with Koji, J.P. decides to look for a Digimon that knows something about the Rose Morning Star and in a Trailmon Graveyard, they find a dying Trailmon named Angler who claims to know something but holds it over their heads to force them to do things for him. Eventually he confesses that he just wants friends and they happily help him though they don't actually believe he knows anything. Angler apparently dies, but is instead renewed. Angered at being tricked, the group Beast Spirit evolve to beat him up, but decide that Angler is too pathetic to bother with. Giving them a ride to find the others, Angler reveals what he knows: shortly after the battle between the three Celestial Digimon, Angler was forced by the Evil Legendary Warriors to carry a container to a castle at the Rose Morning Star. Given the timing, Angler always believed it contained either Ophanimon or Seraphimon. The group realizes it has to be Ophanimon as Seraphimon is now Patamon and are excited as they are now close to the Rose Morning Star and finally meeting Ophanimon in person.

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