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"My Brother in Spirit" ("The Revealed Past! Duskmon's Secret")"
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Episode Summary: As he now knows Koji is his brother, Duskmon doesn't want to fight him anymore, but Cherubimon takes advantage of his restored memories to prey on Duskmon's anger at Koji and his father for abandoning their mother who is sick and has to work hard to increase his control over him. Duskmon confronts Koji as Beowolfmon and finally reveals the truth to Koji, that he is his twin brother. Duskmon defeats Beowolfmon and as Velgemon nearly kills Koji, but Takuya saves his life. While Patamon distracts Velgemon, Koji reveals what he has learned to Takuya who insists a reluctant Koji fight as he is the only chance his brother has. Koji refuses so Takuya evolves to Aldamon to fight on his own, but is no match for Velgemon. Koji finally steps up to fight, evolving to Beowolfmon and teaming with Aldamon against Velgemon. Aldamon manages to weaken Velgemon with an attack, allowing Beowolfmon to finally defeat him. Koji purifies the Spirits of Darkness, releasing Koichi just as the others catch up to them on Angler. Takuya is shocked as he recognizes Koichi from his brief return home.

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