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"Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet" ("The New Warriors of Darkness! Löwemon & Kaiser Leomon")"
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Episode Summary: Koichi is released from the form of Velgemon and explains that he is Koji's twin and his backstory. Out of guilt for what he has done, Koichi remains distant from the group as they travel on Angler to the Rose Morning Star. On the way, Cherubimon attacks and Aldamon, Beowolfmon, Beetlemon, Korikakumon and Zephyrmon are unable to defeat him and are defeated themselves. Cherubimon offers Koichi the chance to rejoin him, explaining that the Spirits of Darkness chose him because of the darkness in his heart after rejecting many other Digimon. Koichi refuses to let darkness control him anymore, causing him to get a D-Tector and the Spirits of Darkness to become the true Spirits of Darkness. Evolving to Loweemon and JagerLoweemon, Koichi proves more than a match for Cherubimon and destroys him, but it turns out to just be a projection, not the real Cherubimon who promises to see the group at the Rose Morning Star. Koichi initially intends to go on alone, but the group refuse and join him despite the dangers.

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