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"Operation: Free Ophanimon" ("Decisive Battle!! Rose of the Morning Star - Ophanimon's Rescue Plan"")"
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Episode Summary: The gang finally arrives at the Rose Morning Star where they find a castle where data is being drawn to it. All Koichi knows is that Cherubimon is collecting data for an unknown reason and the group spirit evolves to make their way into the castle. At the gate, they are attacked by two Phantomon and all but Loweemon are captured. Loweemon manages to avoid the Phantomon's attacks and destroy them, freeing the others. Making their way into the castle, they come under attack by mysterious shadows coming from mirrors, but are saved by Oryxmon. The group is initially wary of him despite his promises to take them to Ophanimon until Patamon announces that he is good. Oryxmon leads the group to an imprisoned Ophanimon who explains the events leading up to this: there was a war between Human and Beast Digimon that was stopped when Lucemon came and brought peace to the Digital World until he was corrupted by his own power. The Ten Ancient Warriors defeated him and disappeared, leaving behind two Spirits each and the three Celestial Digimon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon to rule the Digital World. Cherubimon had different beliefs than Serpahimon and Ophanimon and was eventually corrupted by jealousy and evil, becoming a monster. He led an army of Beast Digimon against his two former friends and seriously wounded Seraphimon, causing Ophanimon to sacrifice herself to Cherubimon's custody to save him. Cherubimon then created the Evil Legendary Warriors and sent them and evil Digimon out into the world to gather data and cause chaos, causing Ophanimon to call for children from the human world to come and bring peace back to the digital one. Ophanimon tells them that with the power of the Ten Legendary Warriors they must now defeat Cherubimon who shows up himself and tells them that them coming there was all part of his plan to gain their Spirits in order to use them and the data he is collecting to take over the Digital World. As Cherubimon gloats, the Spirits start reacting, making the kids nervous.

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