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"Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution" ("Turn the Spirits Into One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution!")"
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Episode Summary: Pleased with the fact that everyone is now there, Cherubimon destroys Oryxmon as his usefulness has come to an end. He reveals to a shocked Loweemon that he was just using him the whole time he was Duskmon to make sure that all of the Spirits arrived at his castle so he can get ultimate power. Loweemon attacks Cherubimon, but as they are in a room full of light with no darkness, his power is weakened and he has no effect on Cherubimon who attacks him back so Takuya and Koji quickly evolve to Aldamon and Beowolfmon. Unfortunately their attacks don't work due to the great light so they take the fight outside while the others work on freeing Ophanimon. As Aldamon and Beowolfmon hold off Cherubimon, Beetlemon, Loweemon, Kumamon and Zephyrmon work on breaking the mirrors reflecting the light beams in order to free Ophanimon. Ultimately Aldamon and Beowolfmon are defeated and Cherubimon gets Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors. He then proceeds to attack the others, getting all of theirs until only Zephyrmon is left. At the last moment, Ophanimon breaks free and saves Zephyrmon who is devolved to Zoe. Ophanimon faces Cherubimon and apparently purifies him, but in reality steals back the D-Tectors while he is distracted and gives them back to the kids before teleporting them outside. Ophanimon blasts Cherubimon onto a cliff edge, but contacts the group through Takuya's D-Tector to tell them that she failed and that they must combine their Spirits to defeat Cherubimon. With the last of her power, Ophanimon evolves Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors before becoming a Digi-Egg. Realizing what Ophanimon means, the group quickly splits all of the Spirits, including their own, between Takuya and Koji, allowing them to evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon who prepare to fight a recovered Cherubimon.

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