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"Cherubimania" ("Decisive Battle! As Long as There is Life - Get Back the Digital World")"
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Episode Summary: More data streams to the top of the ruins of Cherubimon's castle before stopping. However, it affects the gravity of the area. Realizing that they still need to stop Cherubimon and that this could be their last battle, Takuya and Koji evolve back into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and make their way to the castle to finish the fight. Cherubimon compresses all of the data he has gathered into an orb and puts it into his forehead, increasing his power. MagnaGarurumon distracts him, allowing EmperorGreymon to launch a massive attack upon Cherubimon, destroying most of his body. However, with all of the data he has inside of him, he is able to regenerate and grow to a massive size. Cherubimon is easily able to defeat EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, knocking them out for a minute, but they recover. Following MagnaGarurumon's idea, they charge Cherubimon with MagnaGarurumon absorbing all of his attacks to allow EmperorGreymon in close to attack his forehead with his sword. MagnaGarurumon eventually falls, but EmperorGreymon reaches Cherubimon and stabs him in the head, mortally wounding him and releasing the compressed data. EmperorGreymon purifies Cherubimon who reverts back into his old good self and dies, crying after seeing the spirits of Seraphimon and Ophanimon. Takuya and Koji reunite with the others and celebrate the win which seems like the end, but its revealed that its not: the data released from Cherubimon travels to the Dark Area in the core of the Digital World and dissolves part of the seal keeping in Lucemon who releases the Royal Knights to pick up where Cherubimon left off and release him from his imprisonment through the data of the Digital World.

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