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"It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears" ("The Endless Death Match! Prelude of Lucemon's Revival")"
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Episode Summary: Everyone celebrates what seems like the final battle, but Koji is confused as to why the land hasn't been restored after the data was taken from Cherubimon. Suddenly a nearby mountain range is scanned and everyone rushes off to investigate but comes under attack by Baromon. When they spirit evolve, he stops the attack and reveals that Lucemon is returning and the Digital World still needs their help. Baromon takes the group to the Tunnel of History where he shows them what has led up to this point: when Lucemon was corrupted the Ten Ancient Warriors stopped him, sealing him in the Dark Area at the core of the Digital World. They then split into the Spirits which were split up among the three Celestial Digimon. Lucemon bided his time and eventually used his aura to corrupt Cherubimon and used him to gather the data of the Digital World so he could be released. When Cherubimon was destroyed, that data was absorbed by Lucemon. Through two new minions that Baromon is unable to identify, Lucemon is continuing his work and Baronmon prophesizes that he will return. While Baromon wants the kids to return to the human world, they refuse, wanting to stay and stop the return of Lucemon even if it means they have to defeat Lucemon himself. As they discuss things, the two evil Digimon scan the Tunnel of History and they are forced to flee to the surface. There they confront the Digimon who reveal themselves to be the Royal Knights, Dynasmon and Crusadermon who used to protect the Digital World but now serve Lucemon. The group quickly evolves to Aldamon, Beowolfmon, Kumamon, Kazemon, Beetlemon and Loweemon and take on the two, but have no effect on them even after evolving to their Beast forms and are easily defeated. Takuya and Koji evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon but even their most powerful attacks have no effect on the Royal Knights and they are defeated. When Baromon tries to attack, the Knights send a wave of energy at him and the kids, but Baromon takes the attack for them and is destroyed while all the kids except Koichi's Fractal Code is revealed. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon again try to stop them before they can kill their friends, but Dynasmon launches his "Breath of Wyvern" attack which is so powerful it blows the group to the moon while Lucemon demands his servants collect more data for him.

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