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"The Man in the Moon is You" ("This is the Digital World?! Escape from the Moon!")"
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Episode Summary: Dynasmon's attack creates a warp that pushes the group to the Digital World's Blue Moon where all but Koichi are left injured and unconscious. Koichi locates some Starmon that take them to their base and help the others recover from their injuries. In the Digital World, Dynasmon and Crusadermon rapidly scan various areas and send their data to Lucemon, drawing ever closer to freeing him and his promise of helping them reach the human world so they can rule it. The gang tries many different methods to reach the Digital World, but fail, learning that there is an electromagnetic stream blocking them from getting back there. With the help of the Starmon and some Burgermon who are friends with the Burgermon they helped previously, they launch themselves in a rocket to the Digital World at the one point in time when the Electromagnetic Stream can be crossed. They don't have enough speed so Takuya evolves to BurningGreymon and pushes them through the stream. On the other side, they land on a Trailmon track and a Trailmon named Mole agrees to push them the rest of the way back.

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