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"Kazemon Kicks It" ("My Kick is Painful! Female Warrior Fairymon")"
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Episode Summary: Takuya, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. follow a rail-road track to the Forest Terminal. The track eventually splits; Zoe and J.P. go left while Takuya and Tommy go right. Zoe and J.P. meet a friendly village full of Floramon who are constantly harassed by the Mushroomon Brothers who have been taken over by evil. In the midst of an argument, Zoe finds her Spirit of Wind and digivolves to Kazemon. A battle begins but Kazemon is eventually defeated when the Mushroomon digivolve to Woodmon but Koji shows up and Spirit evolves to Lobomon. Lobomon defeats Woodmon and purifies him, turning him back into the Mushroomon Brothers who are good again. Woodmon's fractal code turn the Floramon's village back to normal and the Mushroomon and Floramon are back in harmony. Meanwhile, Tommy and Takuya reach a dead-end and after nearly falling to their deaths, meet up with the others. Both express disbelief at the idea of Zoe getting her Spirit.

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