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"The Bully Pulpit" ("The Chosen Ones! The Children who Manipulate Angemon!")"
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Episode Summary: Dynasmon and Crusadermon scan another area and decide to head to the nearby Steel Town to get the data there. In Steel Town, the gang arrives back in the Digital World on Mole and while making their way into town, are confronted by Sagittarimon who wants their possessions, but keeps getting confused with the word obsessions. Before the kids can spirit evolve and deal with him, four more kids, Katsuharu, Teppei, Teruo and Chaki arrive with an Angemon who scares off Sagittarimon. Tommy is unhappy to see them as he recognizes Katsuharu and Teppei as two kids who bully him and pushed him onto the Trailmon to the Digital World. The new kids explain that they were among the other kids Ophanimon called to the Digital World, but stayed when she sent everyone home and have been traveling with Angemon who protects them while having adventures. The gang tries to convince the other kids to go home, but they refuse. Angemon explains that Ophanimon assigned him to protect the kids when they refused to leave and they refuse to listen even to him about going home. Teppei tries to bully Tommy into forcing the main group to leave instead, but Katsuharu stops him, though he continues to pick on Tommy who finally stands up for himself to the two. Before things can go further, Sagittarimon returns with an army of Centarumon and attacks. Angemon holds them off by himself, but a group sneak around and go after them from the side. When Teppei is in trouble, Katsuharu freezes, but Tommy saves his life then evolves to Korikakumon to protect Katsuharu and his friends. The others quickly evolve as well and Agunimon, Lobomon, Loweemon, Kazemon, Beetlemon and Korkikaumon drive off the army while Angemon defeats Sagittarimon. Recognizing Tommy's bravery, Katsuharu makes peace with and befriends Tommy and decides its time for his group to return home. However, the Royal Knights arrive, kill Angemon and kidnap Katsuharu's group. Tommy grabs onto their net and follows them as they leave.

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