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"Glean Eggs and Scram" ("Protect the DigiEggs! The Miracle of Disappearing Life")"
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Episode Summary: Traveling through what's left of the Digital World on a Trailmon, the gang comes across the Village of Beginnings where all Digimon are born and reborn. There they meet Swanmon, the caretaker and learn that she has to take care of all of the babies born because the Trailmon are too scared to transport them to their families. After reminiscing about their families and being part-Digimon now, the gang go to try to convince the Trailmon to transport the babies but fail. They return to find that the Royal Knights have arrived to scan the Village and explain that Lucemon now plans to populate the world with clones he can control. Takuya and Koji quickly evolve to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to do battle but don't fight as they are scared of hurting the eggs. While the others gather the eggs, Zoe goes to the Trailmon again and convinces them to help. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are quickly beaten and revert to Takuya and Koji. Dynasmon tries to use his "Breath of Wyvern" attack to finish them, but the babies are able to destroy the attack with a combined attack of their own. Before anymore can happen, the purified Spirits of the other Warriors travel to their Digi-Eggs and take physical form to help fight. The kids quickly spirit evolve to their Human Warrior forms and the Ten Legendary Warriors work together to defend the Village of Beginnings. Together, they are too powerful for Dynasmon and Crusadermon and the Royal Knights retreat, but Dynasmon scans the Village as he leaves and sends the data to Lucemon. The other Warriors return to their egg state while their Spirits return to Takuya and Koji. While they failed to save the Village, the battle allowed Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon and Swanmon enough time to get all of the eggs and babies loaded on the Trailmon who take them home. While they have lost again, Takuya is determined that they will find a way to win and restore the world.

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