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"All Aboard the Tag Team Express" ("The Data of Operation! Defend Akiba Market")"
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Episode Summary: The Royal Knights head for the Autumn Leaf Fair in the Ice Area to scan the data watched by Sepikmon through his Spirit Boomerang. Using a satellite dish created by Datamon, Takuya and Koji explain to him that there are only two areas left: the Ice Area and the Light Area where Ophanimon's Castle is. However, no one has ever been able to find the data to that area so they know the Royal Knights will head to the Fair first. At the same time, Zoe, Bokomon, Neemon and Patamon evacuate the town's residents while J.P. moves parts of the town around to break up the Fractal Code and Tommy and Koichi work with the Toucanmon (who are now fans of the gang rather than Ranamon) to build a snow catapult to be able to do something to help in the fight to come. As the Knights approach, an army of Digimon made up of Zanbamon, Gryphonmon, Pteramon, GranKuwagamon and five Airdramon arrive to try to stop them, but are easily destroyed. Takuya and Koji quickly evolve to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to help, but only get there in time to save two Airdramon. The two battle the Royal Knights, assisted by their friends with the catapult. The others succeed in hitting Crusadermon as she battles EmperorGreymon, but Dynasmon tackles him against the town's furnace while MagnaGarurumon picks up the fight with Crusadermon. EmperorGreymon does badly against Dynasmon even with the others help until he draws on the heat of the furnace to power himself further and is able to fight back more effectively against Dynasmon. When the others attack Crusadermon, they accidentally cause her to attack them. MagnaGarurumon takes the hit and Koichi is shocked to discover he is the only one without their Fractal Code exposed. As Koichi tries to understand why he's the only one who never gets hurt, Crusadermon explains that only those with physical form display Fractal Code meaning that Koichi is only a spirit in the Digital World. Before she can explain more, MagnaGarurumon recovers and attacks her. Dynasmon's fight with EmperorGreymon exposes part of the town's data, but as it is scattered, Dynasmon is unable to easily collect it. Crusadermon holds off EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon as he puts it back together, but they defeat her. Before EmperorGreymon can finish Crusadermon, Dynasmon takes his attack and puts the data back together. EmperorGreymon blows the Knights away, but they still collect the data as they go and take off to deliver it to Lucemon while EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon take their friends to safety. Knowing there is only one area left of the Digital World, they fly off to the Light Area and Ophanimon's Castle to protect it.

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