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"To Make the World Go Away" ("Annihilation of the Digital World!? Lucemon's Rule of Darkness"")"
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Episode Summary: Dynasmon and Crusadermon visit Lucemon in the Dark Area excited by the fact that they only have one area left to scan before Lucemon is free, something they promise to achieve for him. Crusadermon shows doubts about Lucemon's promise to give them the key to the human world so they can rule it, but Dynasmon chides her, saying her doubts will make her weak. The gang arrives at the Light Area and Ophanimon's Castle and decide to search for the area's data before the Royal Knights can find it, though Koichi is still troubled by what Crusadermon revealed about him being just a spirit in the Digital World. Entering the castle, the group finds Nefertimon who reveals that the castle's books hold all the knowledge of the Digital World as soon as it happens, but she is unaware of where the key to the area's data is. The group breaks up into groups to search the castle: Bokomon, Neemon and Patamon, Takuya and Zoe, Koji and Koichi and Tommy and J.P. While searching, Koichi is distracted by thoughts of how he is a spirit while Koji is excited by the idea that they can see each other all the time when everything is over, Tommy and J.P. are scared of things going wrong so J.P. does magic tricks to cheer them up and Takuya and Zoe talk about how Zoe now knows how it is to be a real friend thanks to the group. Just as she seems about to admit something to him, she finds him asleep. As the group meets up, Bokomon reveals to Koichi he knows what Crusadermon told him, but promises to keep it a secret. The next day, the Royal Knights arrive to scan the area and Takuya and Koji evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The Royal Knights reveal they already know what the key to the area is: Nefertimon herself. When Nefertimon is unable to defeat them, she asks the two Warriors to kill her to protect the area but they refuse and attack the Royal Knights. Fighting in hand-to-hand combat, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon are able to hold their own against Dynasmon and Crusadermon, but Lucemon sends out beams of energy from the Dark Area which blast the two down and return them to Takuya and Koji. The Royal Knights destroy Nefertimon and scan the data of the area, sending it to Lucemon and finally freeing him from his prison. Lucemon travels to where everyone is and they are shocked to discover that he has the appearance and personality of a little kid. Lucemon reveals that he plans to create a new Digital World of his own and blows everyone away with a blast of energy. They are saved by an Angler Trailmon who takes them to the Yellow Moon. Despite the destruction of the Digital World, everyone is still determined to stop Lucemon and save the world.

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