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"The Brothers Yin and Yang" ("Turn Light and Darkness into One! Kouichi's Last Wish")"
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Episode Summary: The Yellow Moon explodes and debris from the explosion destroys the other two moons, killing all of the Digimon on them. Lucemon leaves, satisfied with what he has accomplished, not knowing that the gang has survived. Takuya and Koji are rescued by Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon who bring them back to the others who have once again lost hope. Trying to figure out how to defeat Lucemon, the Celestial Digimon reveal that the key is to combine Light and Darkness, but don't know how that is supposed to be done. Lucemon travels to the Dark Area at the core of the Digital World and uses the chaos there to start to build a portal to the human world. On a piece of one of the moons, Koji confronts Koichi about what has been bothering him and though Koichi doesn't tell him, he does ask Koji to go see their mother when everything is over. At the same time, Bokomon tells the rest of the group about how Crusadermon revealed that Koichi is only in the Digital World as a spirit and it has been haunting him and they theorize that its because of how he came into the world: they came on Trailmon but Koichi fell down some stairs and then was suddenly there. Seeing the data streams Lucemon is sending out into space to create his portal, the group has Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon push the rock they are on towards the Dark Area and are shocked when a portal starts to form and shows Shibuya. Bokomon learns from his book that if Digimon go to the human world, they will cause utter chaos and eventually destroy it. Determined to stop Lucemon, they quickly spirit evolve to Aldamon, Beowolfmon, Kazemon, Kumamon, Beetlemon and Loweemon and attack Lucemon in the Dark Area. However, their attacks have no effect on Lucemon and after knocking Loweemon away, Lucemon blasts the others with a combination of Light and Darkness in his "Ultimate Sacrifice" attack. The kids are reverted back to their human forms and Lucemon launches the same attack to finish them off, but Loweemon intercepts the Darkness, trying to use his power as the Warrior of Darkness to stop it. Loweemon fails and is consumed by the attack, killing him and reverting Koichi into a spirit. Koichi apologizes to his friends for not being able to be with them further though he has no regrets and sends the Spirits of Darkness to Koji before being scanned by Lucemon. As Koji mourns the death of his brother, the combination of his spirits and Koichi's and his and Takuya's outrage causes the two of them and the 20 Spirits of the Legendary Warriors to combine into Susanoomon who prepares to face off with Lucemon in the final battle.

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