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"Lucemon on the Loose" ("Fight, Susanoomon - Lucemon Reaches the Human World")"
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Episode Summary: Enraged by the death of Koichi, Takuya and Koji Ancient Spirit Evolve together with all the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors into Susanoomon and face off against Lucemon. Lucemon offers Susanoomon the chance to join him, but knowing how evil Lucemon really is, he refuses. Lucemon attacks Susanoomon with his "Paradise Lost Punch" attack, the attack that destroyed the three moons, but Susanoomon is able to stop and injure Lucemon. However, Lucemon gets the upper hand and uses the "Ultimate Sacrifice" attack that killed Koichi on him. Reflecting on Koichi's sacrifice gives Takuya and Koji the strength they need and they split into their human selves with ten of the Spirits surrounding them, allowing them to avoid the attack. The two reform into Susanoomon and launch their "Celestial Blade" attack upon a scared Lucemon, finally destroying him. Susanoomon purifies Lucemon who reverts into two Digi-Eggs, one Light and one Dark. The Light egg explodes and tries to purify the Dark Area, but the Dark one absorbs the Dark Area and hatches into Lucemon: Shadow Lord Mode. Bokomon realizes that Susanoomon was only able to purify Lucemon's good data and his evil data was left to grow. As Shadow Lord Mode, Lucemon is now evil incarnate and unstoppable. Lucemon ignores the group and starts to head to the human world so the gang evolves to Aldamon, Beowolfmon, Kumamon, Kazemon and Beetlemon and follow him, reflecting on what they've learned on their journey and how it has made them each a better person. Lucemon arrives in the human world in the Trailmon Station and sends out a message to every electronic device in the world stating "You Must Follow Me Or Be Destroyed." Everyone catches up and attacks, but Shadow Lord Mode is too powerful and easily regenerates from their attacks. Lucemon blasts them with his "Tide of Despair" and triumphantly repeats his message to the humans.

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