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"The Earth is in a Big Pinch! The Last Remaining PreCure!!"

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Episode Summary: In the distant Trump Kingdom, a lone Pretty Cure named Cure Sword is seen fighting a desperate battle against an unbeatable enemy. Meanwhile on Earth, student council president Mana Aida is helping look after the students of Ōgai First Public Middle School during a school trip to the fabled Clover Tower. Whilst visiting the mall with her friend, Rikka Hishikawa, she spots popular idol Makoto Kenzaki known as "MakoP", helping to return a curious medallion that she drops whilst her bodyguards escort her out. Whilst visiting an accessory stand, Mana spots a similar looking item known as the Cure Lovies and is given it by its shopkeeper. As Mana and Rikka wait in line to get to the top of the Clover Tower, a mysterious boy named Ira manipulates the heart of an impatient customer, transforming his selfish thoughts into a crab-like monster known as a Jikochu, which causes havoc before heading up to the top floor. Fearing for a young girl who went ahead of her, Mana chases after the Jikochu, followed closely by a fairy named Sharuru. After getting the girl to safety, Mana is approached by Sharuru, who transforms into the Lovely Commune, asking her to transform. As Mana struggles with figuring out how to transform, Cure Sword appears and defeats the Jikochu, returning the now purified heart to its rightful owner. Just then, Cure Sword is ensnared by another Crab Jikochu created by Ira's ally, Marmo. As Mana wishes to protect her, her Cure Lovies glows which, when used with the Lovely Commune, gives Mana the power to transform into the Pretty Cure, Cure Heart.

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