Doki Doki! Precure Episode 10 English Subbed

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"The Transfer Student is a National Super Idol!!"

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Episode Summary: Excitement heightens at school when Makoto transfers into Mana's class. This proves hectic however, due to Makoto both being new to various things and attracting attention due to her idol status, but Rikka manages to keep things in order. Deep down, however, Rikka feels conflicted over seeing Mana spend more time with Makoto. The next day, as Rikka becomes more anxious seeing Mana and Makoto together, she and Alice come across Marmo, who targets one of Makoto's supporters and creates a Fanatic Jikochu. Seeing this, Rikka comes to realise she has become jealous of Mana and Makoto's new friendship, but Alice assures her it is a natural feeling that everyone has once in a while. Overcoming her uneasiness, Rikka and the other Cures manage to defeat the Jikochu. Following the battle, Makoto states her own envy of the strong partnership between Mana and Rikka, putting Rikka at ease that everyone shares the feelings of wanting to become closer.

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