Doki Doki! Precure Episode 11 English Subbed

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"Awaken! The PreCures' New Power!"

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Episode Summary: Mana is asked to help out the softball team with a match after their pitcher hurts her arm. Whilst training herself, she also helps give some advice to the first year members. On the evening before the match, as Mana runs into Ai and Joe, who gives Ai a new Cure Lovies, they are confronted by Beel. With Mana unable to transform in front of Joe, Beel injures Joe and kidnaps Ai, requesting that she come alone to the docks the next day. When Mana doesn't show up to the softball match, the first year members ask to take her place. Meanwhile, Mana struggles against Beel, who uses the environment to his advantage, but is aided by the arrival of the other Cures, who were informed of the situation by Alice's butler, Sebastian. However, Beel then swallows a Dark Psyche, transforming himself into a Cellphone Beast Jikochu that proves immune to the Cures' attacks. As Beel attempts to launch an attack at Ai, her Cure Lovies glows, granting the Cures a new power, the Love Heart Arrow, allowing them to defeat Beel. Returning to the match, Mana gives the softball team her support, helping them win the game with a strike out.

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