Doki Doki! Precure Episode 14 English Subbed

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"The Dream or the Promise! Rikka's Many Worries!"

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Episode Summary: Makoto and Davi suspect that the crystal they received from the rose is one of five Royal Crystals that will awaken a great power when assembled. Meanwhile, Rikka is a little depressed when she ranks second in the test scores which she constantly ranked first at every tests, whilst her mother notices some curious behaviour from her recently. As Mana and the others look into it, they discover Rikka has gotten into competitive karuta, which has affected her studies a little. Feeling she should stop karuta to focus on her studies, Rikka decides she should test her skills in a match against the karuta Queen before quitting, so Mana and the others help her with both her karuta practise and her studies. On the day of the tournament however, Ira targets the Queen, who feels irritated over not having a worthy King, and becomes a Karuta Beast Jikochu. The Queen's desires override the Jikochu and challenges the Cures to a large-scale karuta match. Putting her practise into good use, Rikka manages to turn around the match, allowing Mana to purify the Jikochu. Following the tournament, Rikka receives a set of karuta cards from the Queen which, when touched by Ai, brings forth a blue Royal Crystal. Afterwards, Rikka is greeted by her mother, who assures her she can keep playing karuta as a hobby, as well as her father, who has come back from his travels.

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