Doki Doki! Precure Episode 15 English Subbed

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"Really Busy! Makoto's Idol Days!"

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Episode Summary: Makoto is particularly busy as she is cast as the lead role in a film adaptation of Snow White, believing it to be another clue to Ange's whereabouts. Despite the others showing up for support, Makoto has trouble focusing on her acting due to her desire to find Ange, which leads her to be scorned by her co-star, Tamaki Ootori, who had been seriously rehearsing her role. After hearing that Makoto had been spending her nights searching for Ange, Mana and the others decide to take over her patrol so she can focus on her acting. However, on the last day of shooting, Regina appears and uses her power to force Tamaki to give birth to a Mirror Jikochu, which proves resistant to even the Love Heart Arrow attacks. As Makoto realises they need to combine their strengths, Ai gives the Cures new Cure Lovies, which allow them to perform their new group attack, Lovely Force Arrow, which defeats the Jikochu. After Regina introduces herself to the Cures and takes her leave, Tamaki awards Makoto with her battered script, which brings forth the third Royal Crystal.

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