Doki Doki! Precure Episode 17 English Subbed

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"Shock! The Stolen Crystal!"

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Episode Summary: Whilst visiting a forest sculpture gallery in hopes of finding another clue, the girls once again encounter Regina, who wants to try and be friends with Mana again. Mana agrees to let her join them on the condition that she be friends with the others as well. Makoto comes across a statue that reminds her strongly of Ange, whilst Joe briefly pops by and leaves Ai with the others. When Mana presumes the red stone embedded in the statue could be a Royal Crystal, Regina destroys the statue in order to obtain the stone for her, which gets Mana and the others in trouble with the gallery manager. The sculptor, Hitomi, who shows no bad will, explains to the girls that he was inspired to design the statue like that after picking up the red stone. Noticing how Mana and the others took responsibility for her mistake, Regina states her earnest wish to be their friend, which transforms the stone into a red Royal Crystal. Just then, Regina suddenly changes personalities and desires the other Royal Crystals, targeting Hitomi to create a Sculptor Jikochu that turns Makoto, Rikka and Alice into statues. As Mana struggles to protect the Royal Crystals, Joe suddenly appears in the guise of a knight to protect her, as well as help her turn the others back to normal, allowing them to defeat the Jikochu. As Regina escapes with the red Royal Crystal, Joe reveals himself to be Jonathan Klondike, a knight of the Trump Kingdom and Ange's fiancée.

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