Doki Doki! Precure Episode 19 English Subbed

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"Betting the Crystals! Jikochu's Game!"

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Episode Summary: Regina appears before the girls and proposes a game with all the Royal Crystals at stake, which Mana accepts, hoping to find a way to retrieve the remaining crystal without fighting. The girls are transported to a specially prepared game world where Regina and the Jikochu Trio await. The first match is a penalty shootout, which the Jikochu manage to win by replacing the ball and goal with Jikochu. The next match is bowling, which the Cures manage to win thanks to Mana's tactics and Ai's magic. The final match is a game of dodgeball, which the Cures win after the Jikochu gang knock themselves out fighting each other. However, Regina breaks her promise and summons a Purse Jikochu to attack the Cures, but they manage to defeat it and escape the game world. Regina takes the other crystals, but when assembled with hers, they suddenly shoot off into the sky.

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