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"To the Trump Kingdom! Rescue the Princess!"
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Episode Summary: With help from Ai and the Royal Crystals, the Cures find a way to travel to the Trump Kingdom. Meanwhile, in the Trump Kingdom, the Jikochu Trio bring Ange before King Jikochu, but are unable to break her out of her protective barrier. When the Trio announce their plan to turn everyone in the human world into a Jikochu, Regina voices her objection, angering King Jikochu who strikes her down and seals off her powers. When the Cures arrive in the Trump Kingdom, they fight off the Trio and an army of Jikochu whilst Mana heads towards Regina. There, they are both attacked by a Spider Jikochu, who leaves them above a lava pit dangling on a thread not strong enough to carry them both. Finally learning her true feelings towards Mana, Regina lets herself drop so that Mana can survive. However, Mana saves her just in time, refusing to give up and saying that in order to protect everyone, she can become stronger than even Regina's father. Regina's admiration of this speech breaks free her seal, allowing her to fly Mana to safety whilst the Cures defeat the Jikochu army, escaping back to the human world with Regina and Ange in tow.

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