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"Take Back the Love! The Five Vows of PreCure!"

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Episode Summary: Cure Ace overwhelms Regina in battle, forcing the Jikochu Trio to retreat with her. As Mana laments not being strong enough to protect Regina, Cure Ace confiscates her Cure Lovies, saying she will need to regain her love in order to get it back. Back in the Trump Kingdom, two new Jikochu enforcers, Leva and Gula, join their group. Following the incident, Mana shuts herself in her room, so Rikka and the others offer to help their family out at a flea market in her place. As Mana remains depressed, Ai appears at her house, having used a magical spell to make her family believe she is Mana's sister, and manages to cheer Mana up enough to get her out of the house to explore the festival. There, she meets a peculiar girl who seems to know her well. Just then, Leva and Gula target two boys wanting Makoto's autograph and creates a pair of Autograph Jikochu. Upon hearing about this, Mana decides to head there even without her Lovies, realising her troubles shouldn't get in the way of what's important. After Mana manages to fight back the Jikochu with her own strength, the girl from before returns her Cure Lovies, revealing herself to be Cure Ace, and together they defeat the Jikochu. After the battle, Cure Ace tells the Cures that their mission has only just begun.

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