Doki Doki! Precure Episode 26 English Subbed

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"What are My True Feelings? Rikka Worries Once Again!"

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Episode Summary: Following a class about people's ambitions, Rikka worries about whether she really wanted to grow up to be a doctor, or if it was just out of admiration for her mother. That night, Ira is suddenly struck by lightning during one of his flights and falls into the sea. The next day, Rikka and Rakeru find him washed up on the beach, later discovering he has developed amnesia. Feeling she shouldn't leave him alone, Rikka takes him to her house to treat his injuries. As the other girls learn of this, Aguri sees him as a potential threat and prepares to fight him, but Rikka stands in her way, with the others standing by her decision. Just then, Gula attacks, during which Ira bangs his head and regains his memories. Despite this, Ira chooses to help the Cures dodge Gula's attack, whilst Rikka, who comes to understand the power of believing in one's self and having no regrets, teams up with Aguri to fend off Gula. As Ira returns to the Jikochu's team, Rikka reaffirms her dream to become a doctor.

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