Doki Doki! Precure Episode 27 English Subbed

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"Discovered?! Cure Ace's Weakness!"

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Episode Summary: Mana and the others make a delivery to a friend of her mother's, Mari Madoka, who just so happens to be Aguri's grandmother who she is keeping Cure Ace a secret from. Aguri invites Mana and the other's to Mari's open air tea ceremony, where they learn a bit more about Aguri's less serious side. Aguri explains she was a Pretty Cure who had previously been defeated by the Jikochu, which resulted in Ai, her partner, being reverted to an egg. Wanting to stop King Jikochu from conquering various worlds, Aguri became determined to make the other Cures stronger so they can defeat him. Just then, Leva and Gula combine their strengths to create a giant Barbecue Jikochu. Aguri attempts to finish off the Jikochu quickly but ends up failing, exposing her weakness that she can only remain transformed for five minutes. Thankfully, the other Cures manage to stop the Jikochu before it can harm Mari.

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