Doki Doki! Precure Episode 28 English Subbed

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"My Heart's Pounding! Aguri's Summer Vacation!"

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Episode Summary: As Aguri faints from overexerting herself due to her non-stop training, her classmate Eru Morimoto tells Mana and the others about how she is very responsible, but also seems rather lonely as she does not seem to have any friends her age. Wanting Aguri and Eru to get along, Mana suggests they all go to the summer festival, hoping to teach Aguri that spending time with friends is just as important as being a Pretty Cure. Whilst initially lured by the idea of "super special delicious sweets", Aguri enjoys spending time with Eru and the others, coming to realise that the sweets taste best when eaten with friends. Just then, Leva and Gula create a Summer Festival Jikochu to target Aguri, but Eru manages to help her out, wanting to repay her for protecting her from some bullies at school. As Aguri joins the fight, Leva and Gula attempt to trap her until her time limit runs out, but her newfound love and desire to protect Eru and her friends helps her power up and break free, allowing her to defeat the Jikochu.

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