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"For Mana's Sake! Sharuru's Big Transformation!"
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Episode Summary: Wanting to be more useful to Mana, Sharuru, along with Rakeru and Rance, ask Davi to teach them how to transform into human form. After they each learn to transform, Sharuru is eager to help out with Mana's student council duties. However, whilst Sharuru undertakes a delivery to another school on Mana's behalf, encountering various delays on the way, Leva and Gula create a Volleyball Jikochu at the school, with Mana unable to transform without Sharuru, who is unable to detect the Jikochu's presence in her human form. As Mana searches for Sharuru, the other Cures fight against the Jikochu, who proves more than resilient due to its two faces preventing it from being purified easily. Managing to find Sharuru, Mana returns just in time so that the Cures and Aguri can attack the Jikochu from both sides and defeat it. Although Sharuru feels guilty about putting the others in danger, Mana and the others are pleased to hear about the good deeds Sharuru performed. With the bond with their fairies strengthened, Aguri informs the girls that they must take one final test.

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