Doki Doki! Precure Episode 3 English Subbed

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"The Greatest Partner Appears! Cure Diamond!!"

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Episode Summary: As Rikka tries to determines the secrets behind the Cure Lovies, Rakeru suggests that she might be able to become a Pretty Cure herself, though Rikka doesn't feel like she has the confidence to become one. Upon returning home, Rikka receives some souvenirs from her travelling father and writes him a letter back. The next day, Mana and Rikka run into the shopkeeper who gave Mana the Cure Lovies, who gives Rikka a Lovies of her own, which she is reluctant to accept. Meanwhile, Ira targets another citizen and creates a goat-like Letterbox Jikochu, who starts chewing up everyone's letters. As Mana takes a beating trying to protect Rikka's letter to her father, Rikka concentrates on her feelings of friendship with Mana and gains the power to transform with Rakeru to become the Pretty Cure, Cure Diamond, defeating the Jikochu with her purifying attack, Twinkle Diamond. Following the battle, as the girls realize that they've lost track of Lance, they are approached by their friend from elementary school, Alice Yotsuba.

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