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"The Final Trial! The Legendary Precure!"
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Episode Summary: The Cures fly to a remote island, where Aguri intends to have them acquire the Magical Lovely Pad, one of three mystical items, including Ange's Miracle Dragon Glaive, that were used by legendary Pretty Cures who saved the world from darkness 10,000 years ago. Arriving at the island, the girls meet the Lovely Pad's guardian, an elderly fairy named Melan, who tests the Cures by transforming into a powerful dragon. The Cures fight against her but are completely defeated. Aguri, downhearted by her loss, states that she became a Pretty Cure and sough the other's help so she could have the strength to obtain the Lovely Pad. Not wanting to give up so easily, Mana makes curry for everyone, encouraging them to try again. Fighting again, the Cures manage to break through Melan's barrier by lending their power to Alice, though miss their chance to take advantage due to Aguri's time limit. However, Mana keeps on fighting til the very end, reminding Melan of the unrelenting spirit of her former partner, Cure Empress. Although the Cures don't manage to fully defeat Melan, she admires their strength and gives them the legendary mirror, the Lovely Pad.

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