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"Oogai Town is in a Big Pinch! The Lovely Pad is Born!"
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Episode Summary: Whilst taking a break from figuring out how to utilise the Lovely Pad, the girls are shocked to find their families, along with everyone in Oogai Town, have fallen into sleeping comas. These are revealed to be the work of dark seeds spread by Leva and Gula, which will eventually darken their hearts and turn them into Jikochu, providing enough energy to awaken King Jikochu. The Cures confront Leva and Gula, who combine into a powerful form, overwhelming them and crushing the Lovely Pad into pieces. After letting out her frustrations, Mana regains her determination, encouraging the others to fight back. Their feelings transform the mirror's pieces into five new Lovely Pads, which allows the Cures to lend their power to Mana and perform the Lovely Straight Flush, defeating Leva and Gula and restoring everyone in town to normal. As the girls enjoy a meal with their families, Beel eliminates Leva and Gula by absorbing their energy.

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